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T&T Software has discontinued selling its Macintosh software except for the games. Specifically Address Notebook, NetCal, and Announce are no longer available for sale. The information about the legacy software is still here to provide support to anyone still using the legacy software.

T&T Software's Macintosh programs were tested in the mid-1990's to work with Macintosh OS version 7.5.x and older. Although each program should continue to work with newer Macintosh hardware and Operating Systems, there is no guarantee. Except for the games, the programs will not be upgraded in the future. T&T Software recommends that you download and test the software in your own environment before you purchase it. T&T Software will still attempt to answer any questions by electronic mail, but cannot guarantee compatibility or support for the latest Macintosh computers.

The address, fax, and phone number given for T&T Software in the programs are no longer valid. Contact T&T Software through this web site or at the e-mail address provided in this web site.

Detail Description

    Address Notebook is easier and faster than other address book programs because:

    • The program opens FAST.
    • The search feature is immediately available and takes you quickly to the address(es) you need to see.

    Other features include:

    • Label and envelope printing.
    • Import and export from and to text files.
    • Open multiple address notebooks at the same time.
    • Simultaneously access and update shared address notebooks on AppleTalk or TCP/IP networks.
    • Add an unlimited number of addresses and notes (25 addresses until you purchase Address Notebook).
    • The cost is only $15.00 per user (and only $5.00 per user above 5 users)!
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Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: When I print one envelope or label, it prints more than one?
    Make sure Print One is selected (and not Print Multiple) at the top of the dialog box before you press Print.

    Q: When I print multiple envelopes or labels, it does not print the addresses I expect it to print?
    In the dialog box before you press Print, press Print Multiple and make sure the categories you expect to print are selected. Any addresses that are also marked for the categories you select here will print.

    Q: When I print envelopes, nothing or only part of the address or return address prints?
    Make sure you provide valid values for indent on page in the dialog box. You can automatically set the values by selecting your printer from the Preset menu. (If your printer is not listed, you will need to experiment manually with the indent values.) It is also important to press Page Setup and make sure the correct page orientation is selected. For some specific suggestions for each of the preset printers, see the Print Envelopes section in the Address Notebook documentation.

    Q: I entered a password. Now how do I remove it?
    In the dialog for changing the password, type the password into the first field, leave the new password and verify password fields empty, and press OK.

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How to Purchase Address Notebook

    This software is discontinued and no longer available for sale.

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