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T&T Software has discontinued selling its Macintosh software except for the games. Specifically Address Notebook, NetCal, and Announce are no longer available for sale. The information about the legacy software is still here to provide support to anyone still using the legacy software.

T&T Software's Macintosh programs were tested in the mid-1990's to work with Macintosh OS version 7.5.x and older. Although each program should continue to work with newer Macintosh hardware and Operating Systems, there is no guarantee. Except for the games, the programs will not be upgraded in the future. T&T Software recommends that you download and test the software in your own environment before you purchase it. T&T Software will still attempt to answer any questions by electronic mail, but cannot guarantee compatibility or support for the latest Macintosh computers.

The address, fax, and phone number given for T&T Software in the programs are no longer valid. Contact T&T Software through this web site or at the e-mail address provided in this web site.

Detail Description

    Announce is a simple and polished network utility for sending instant text and audio messages to other users. You can send the same message to a pre-saved group of users. The sender can immediately tell when the receiver has acknowledged a message. You can also log incoming messages to a text file.

    Announce has proven popular compared to similar utilities because of the simple Announce User message sending program.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: What is Announce?
    A simple Macintosh utility for sending instant text and audio messages to one or more users on an AppleTalk network. Announce is basically two programs: An application program, Announce User, for sending messages and a system control panel, Announcer, for receiving messages.

    Q: What do I get when I register Announce?
    Q: How much does it cost?
    Q: How do I order?
    New users are allowed to evaluate the Announce software for 30 days. After this time they must stop using the software or purchase a license to continue using it. (However, Announce does not physically stop working after 30 days; we rely mostly on the honor system.)

    When you register, you get a disk containing the latest version of the Announce User, Announce Admin, and Announcer software. In the registered version, the 'welcome' screen, and other shareware messages, do not appear each time you open Announce User. The Annouce Admin software gives administrators the ability to set clocks, restart, and shut down Macs remotely.

    The cost is $39.00 per unlimited users for a single organization in a single building. Contact T&T Software for situations where you have a small number of users spread over many buildings, or other situations that do not easily meet the standard license agreement.

    See also How to Purchase the Full Announce Package below.

    Payment must be in U.S. dollars and checks must be drawn on U.S. banks. Payment is accepted by check, money order, international postal money order, Visa, MasterCard, or PayPal. Company purchase order are also accepted.

    Q: What is the latest version?
    The current version of the Announce User application, Announce Admin application, and Announcer control panel is 1.2.8. At this time no updates are planned.

    Q: As a registered user, will I receive upgrades?
    Unfortunately there are no upgrades planned at this time. Contact T&T Software to obtain the latest full version if you purchased an older version.

    Q: Can you add a Reply button to the received message window?
    Q: Can you increase the length of the text message?
    Q: Can you make the received message window modeless?
    The ability to enhance the received message window is very limited in the current release. I will consider these enhancements in a future major upgrade but it will require time and research to implement these features safely.

      The features of the received message window, including the message size, is limited by the Macintosh's Notification Manager, a part of the operating system software. When the Announcer receives a message, it does not display the message itself, but "passes" it to the Notification Manager. Then the Notification Manager decides when it is "safe" to display the message. This guarantees Announcer is compatible and reliable no matter what program(s) are running when a message comes in. Unfortunately, Apple did not provide many ways to customize the Notification Manager.

    Q: Are you planning to support TCP/IP networks?
    Q: Are you planning a Microsoft Windows version?
    No future upgrades are planned at this time.

    Q: Can I save incoming messages?
    Yes. In the recent versions of the Announcer control panel you can check an option to save incoming messages to a text file. This text file, Announcer Log, is created in the Preferences folder, inside the System Folder. In System 7.x you can make an alias to Announcer Log and move the alias somewhere convenient, like the Desktop or Apple Menu Items.

    Q: Can I save common outgoing messages?
    : Yes. In the Announce User or Announce Admin program, Select New Announcement from the File menu. Type your message, then select Save from the File menu. Next time you want to send this message, open the file you just saved.

    Q: Can I make the alert sound option default 'on?'
    Yes. Use Apple's ResEdit program to edit the 'STNG' resource in Announce User. Change the 'Default Play Alert Sound' setting to true.

    Q: I don't want users sending audio messages on the network. Can the ability to Add Audio be disabled?
    Yes. Use Apple's ResEdit program to edit the 'STNG' resource in Announce User. Change the Audio Quality setting to four blank spaces, then Announce User will not display an Add Audio button.

    Q: We use At Ease and need Announcer to use a different network name?
    Recent versions of the Announcer control panel will let you select the Announcer's network name to be either the Owner Name or Macintosh Name. By default Announcer selects the Owner Name. At Ease users will want to go to the Announcer control panel and change the Network Name option to Macintosh and then Restart. See the Sharing Setup control panel to define specific names.

    Q: When Announcer installs I get an 'error -1027' message.
    Q: In the user list I see some names more than once, but the last letter in each name is different?
    Make sure you have only one copy of the Announcer control panel installed. Remove any old copies of Announcer from the Extensions folder. Also make sure your Macintoshes have unique Owner or Macintosh names in the Sharing Setup control panel.

    Q: Announcer works on most of our Macs, but one or two Macs do not appear in the user list?
    Select Poll Zone for More Users from the Announce menu. If a Mac still does not appear, rename the Announcer control panel on the Mac that will not appear to ZAnnouncer and Restart. This changes the order that Announcer loads during start-up and can resolve conflicts with other network software that needs to load before Announcer. If you are running OS X see the related question below.

    Q: Announce User works on all of our Macs except the PowerMac 9500?
    The PowerMac 9500 originally shipped with Open Transport 1.0. Apple fixed some bugs in this system software and you should upgrade to Open Transport 1.06 or later.

    Q: Does Announce work on OS X?
    The Announce software was written and tested for System 7.5.x and older. It was carefully designed to meet Apple's guidelines so it should continue to work on newer systems, however there is no guarantee. Announce will not run natively in OS X, however some users have reported success running Announce in OS 9 (classic) under OS X.

    Q: Why do the names for some OS X users not appear in Announce User?
    The Announcer control panel extension must have successfully loaded on a user's computer before their name will appear in the Announce User client. Mac OS extensions only load in OS X when OS 9 (classic) is launched. So, if a user is running OS X, before their name will appear, OS 9 must be launched and the Announcer control panel must have successfully loaded under OS 9 at that time. You can set OS 9 to start automatically when a user logs in: Go to the System Preferences, under the classic options, and check a box "start classic when you log in." Make sure that the Announcer control panel is installed under OS 9.

    FAQ Revised: October 1995, April 2003

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Download the latest version

    Download DEMO version of Announce 1.2.8 for Macintosh

    Obtain the full version: If you are already a registered owner of a previous version, and do not have this latest version, please contact T&T Software to request the full version. Proof of registration is required.

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How to Purchase the Full Announce Package

    This software is discontinued and no longer available for sale.

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