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T&T Software has discontinued selling its Macintosh software except for the games. Specifically Address Notebook, NetCal, and Announce are no longer available for sale. The information about the legacy software is still here to provide support to anyone still using the legacy software.

T&T Software's Macintosh programs were tested in the mid-1990's to work with Macintosh OS version 7.5.x and older. Although each program should continue to work with newer Macintosh hardware and Operating Systems, there is no guarantee. Except for the games, the programs will not be upgraded in the future. T&T Software recommends that you download and test the software in your own environment before you purchase it. T&T Software will still attempt to answer any questions by electronic mail, but cannot guarantee compatibility or support for the latest Macintosh computers.

The address, fax, and phone number given for T&T Software in the programs are no longer valid. Contact T&T Software through this web site or at the e-mail address provided in this web site.
Address Notebook is a very simple and well designed address book. There is an automatic text search so you can quickly find any information without scrolling through lists of names and addresses. Each "address card" can have up to 6 lines for the address label, additional phone numbers, free-form text, and an unlimited number of notes. Other features include printing labels and envelopes, automatic phone dialing, importing and exporting text, and multi-user support for sharing address books over AppleTalk or TCP/IP. You are limited to 25 addresses until you register by paying the shareware fee.
Address Notebook for Macintosh
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  • NetCal (Network Calendar) is a simple what-you-see-is-what-you-get calendar. You view a month at a time and can enter up to 30K of free-form text for any day. Other features let you print the month in calendar or list format, search for any text, automatically cross-out past days, open multiple calendars, and share calendars over an AppleTalk network. NetCal is fully-functional and free for individual use. NetCal is $10.00 per user for calendar sharing on a network, and requires additional NetCal-Key files to do so.
    NetCal for Macintosh
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  • Announce is a network utility for sending instant text or audio messages to other users on an AppleTalk network. There are basically two pieces to the Announce software package: (1) Announce User is a program for typing and sending messages to one or more users. (2) Announer is a Control Panel that receives and displays messages. Users who wish to receive messages must install this control panel. Both Announce User and Announcer are designed to use very little memory, run safe and reliably, and run fast.
    Announce for Macintosh
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