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T&T Software has discontinued selling its Macintosh software except for the games. Specifically Address Notebook, NetCal, and Announce are no longer available for sale. The information about the legacy software is still here to provide support to anyone still using the legacy software.

T&T Software's Macintosh programs were tested in the mid-1990's to work with Macintosh OS version 7.5.x and older. Although each program should continue to work with newer Macintosh hardware and Operating Systems, there is no guarantee. Except for the games, the programs will not be upgraded in the future. T&T Software recommends that you download and test the software in your own environment before you purchase it. T&T Software will still attempt to answer any questions by electronic mail, but cannot guarantee compatibility or support for the latest Macintosh computers.

The address, fax, and phone number given for T&T Software in the programs are no longer valid. Contact T&T Software through this web site or at the e-mail address provided in this web site.

Detail Description

    Network Calendar (NetCal) is an easy to use, What You See Is What You Get, single- and multi-user calendar program. At a glance, you can look at and change a month's worth of notes. You can print one or more months' notes on a calendar or in a list. You can have an unlimited number of calendars on a single Macintosh and/or you can share calendars on an AppleTalk network. This program is ideal for individual or small work group scheduling, and has been popular with large businesses for conference room scheduling. A separate utility is provided for importing and exporting to and from text files.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: How much does NetCal cost?
    The Calendar program is free. If you want to share calendars on a network, the cost is $10.00 per user and you receive a unique NetCal-Key file to put on each of those users' computers.

    Q: What should I buy to use NetCal on one computer?
    Nothing. NetCal is free if you are only using it on one computer. However, if you want to receive the latest version on disk and become a registered user of the program, you can still purchase a single user registration for $10.00.

    Q: What is the minimum number of NetCal-Key files I need to buy?
    You need to buy one NetCal-Key file for each computer that will be involved in sharing calendars. For example, if you have three Macintoshes that will access calendars but you want to store the calendars on a fourth Macintosh (e.g. your Macintosh Server), you need to buy four key files. However, if you choose not to dedicate a Macintosh as a calendar server, you would only need to buy three key files. Note that you must buy a minimum of two key files before sharing will work at all between two computers.

    Q: Can I access calendars in other zones?
    Yes, you can access calendars on up to four different zones. To set-up access to other zones: Quit Calendar, and re-open Calendar while holding the Option and Apple keys. A dialog box will appear. Type the names of the zones you need to access from Calendar exactly as they appear in the Chooser. You must do this once for each user that has Calendar and needs to access calendars in zones other than its own zone.

    Q: Other users' calendars don't show up in my Open list?
    Make sure your Macintosh and the Macintosh you are trying to access both have the NetCal-Init and a unique NetCal-Key file properly installed. You can verify that the NetCal-Init is working by selecting Help from the Calendar menu, and the status of the NetCal-Init will appear at the bottom of the window. See the Troubleshooting section in the NetCal Documentation for more specific advice.

    Q: The computer freezes right after I open Calendar?
    One of your calendars is damaged. This is rare but could happen if the computer was turned off or crashed while a calendar was left open after changes were made to it. Look inside the System Folder and NetCal Directory. Determine which calendar file is damaged by temporarily removing each file from the NetCal Directory and opening the Calendar each time. When the Calendar successfully opens, remove this calendar permanently. Create a New Calendar from the Calendar menu to replace this damaged calendar. You should be able to retrieve most of the data from the damaged calendar file using the Import/Export Utility that is part of the NetCal download.

    Q: Is there a way to export calendar entries to a text file?
    Yes, the Import/Export Utility is part of the NetCal download or you can download it separately.

    See Troubleshooting in the NetCal Documentation file for answers to more NetCal questions. The NetCal Documentation file is part of the NetCal download.

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How to Purchase NetCal and NetCal-Key Files for Network Users

    This software is discontinued and no longer available for sale.

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