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About Spacestation Pheta™ for Macintosh

    Spacestation Pheta is a fast, multi-screen, climbing game. Each screen contains surprises such as transporters, secret ladders, materializers, cannons, trampolines, and many more! There are 100 built-in screens plus an editor to create your own screens. A "show me the solution" feature can help if you get stuck. Other features include printable on-line help, digitized sounds, and color graphics. The game runs on almost all older Macintosh computers, from the black and white MacPlus to the PowerMacs. The game will run under the Mac Classic emulator under OS X but does not run on the Leopard OS. You can play 10 of the 100 built-in screens until you register for the full version by paying the shareware fee of $9.95 (U.S. dollars).

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Undocumented Features

    Adding Titles To Your Screens
    In the editor, press Apple-Shift-T and within 2 seconds click the mouse where you want a title to appear. A dialog box will prompt you for a title, font, and size. Fonts can be the basic Macintosh fonts 0 through 14, which includes: system font = 0, application font = 1, New York = 2, Geneva = 3, Monaco = 4. Font sizes can be the even number sizes 12 through 26. This feature requires a registered copy and you can only make titles for your own screens (not the Pheta Main Screens). If you use the Set Solution feature after you add a title, the title will be erased. A long title might also "mess up" the end of a long solution.

    Extra Oxygen
    During game play, press Apple-Shift-O (the letter O) to fill up the spaceman's oxygen. You cannot earn a high score that game if you use this feature.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: Can I distribute screens I made for Spacestation Pheta?
    Yes! You must include a description that says a registered copy of Spacestation Pheta is required to play the screens. However, you cannot distribute the Spacestation Pheta program itself unless it is an unregistered copy.

    Q: The arrow keys don't move the spaceman?
    By default when you first install Spacestation Pheta the keys are set as: A = up, Z = down, K = left, L = right, SPACE = jump. You can change the keys used to move the spaceman by selecting Game Options from the Editor menu. Then you can pick whatever keys you want to move the spaceman by clicking the buttons under the Keyboard Controls section, and then pressing the key to control that direction.

    Q: Does the game run under OS X or OS Leopard?
    No, the game was designed for older versions of the Macintosh OS, and will only run under Mac OS Classic or the Mac OS emulator in OS X.

    Q: I can't save the changes I made to screens in the editor?
    If you have not yet registered the game, you cannot save changes. You can also not save changes to the 'Pheta Main Screens.' If you want to change these screens first, select Create Game File from the Editor menu. Then go back and forth between your new file and the 'Pheta Main Screens' by selecting Change Game File from the Editor menu, and use the Copy and Paste under the Screen menu to copy from the main screens to your own screens. You will then be able to save changes to the screens in your own screens file.

    Q: Sometimes the game crashes when it first opens?
    This is rare, but happens on some Macs when running older versions of Spacestation Pheta. Make sure you have the latest version. Also make sure you remove any older versions of the game from your hard drive, otherwise when you open a screen file you cannot be sure which version of the game program actually opens.

    Q: Is there a version of Spacestation Pheta for Microsoft Windows?
    Not at this time.

    Q: A while ago I purchased a full, commercially-packaged version of Spacestation Pheta from a retail store. How can I get a registration for the latest shareware version?
    Spacestation Pheta was sold by a commercial distributor at one time for about 6 months. Unfortunately we don't know what happened to this distributor, and T&T Software did not get paid for an unknown quantity of copies they sold. However, we don't want any unhappy Spacestation Pheta fans! So we will provide you with a free shareware registration if you either mail us the original disk that came with your commercial copy, or mail us a copy of the box cover.

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Download the latest version

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Download more screens

    In addition to the 'Pheta Main Screens' that comes with Spacestation Pheta, you can download and play more screens. Click here to download more screen files. Remember, you need a registered copy of Spacestation Pheta to play these additional screens, and most of these screens were not made by T&T Software so we probably will not be able to help if you get stuck.

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How to Register

    When you download Spacestation Pheta, you get a useful but limited version of the game. This is called the unregistered version, and is intended to let you try the game before you buy the game. If you decide to buy the game, you will receive a registration code and instructions to register the game. After you enter this registration code, you will have full access to the game's features including: all 100 built-in screens, the ability to make and save your own screens, and the ability to play screens made by other people.

    To register complete the secure online order form. The total cost to register Spacestation Pheta is $9.95 (U.S. dollars) if your mailing address is in North America. The total cost is $11.95 (U.S. dollars) if you mailing address is not in North America. You will receive a registration code by e-mail (usually in less than 24 hours but allow longer). You will also receive your registration and receipt by regular mail.

    If you would like to pay by check, money order, or send a credit card number by fax contact T&T Software first.

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